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Civic Duty Part1

So here I am at Luton Crown Court, waiting for the fun and games to begin. Early start to guarantee a local bus getting me into town to catch the 55 minute bus ride across to Luton. Sign in, induction video, info dump from the jury officer and then the wait. 4 cases already running, with only one scheduled to start today - which means there's only a 1/5 chance that I'll be in the panel for that, and a 2/3 chance I'm one of the twelve.


I was having a look at National Rail for my train tickets for the Gathering, only to discover that there are major engineering works on the line over the weekend. Specfically a replacement bus service between Bedford and Kettering.

Arse biscuits!

If it was just a regular jounry I might grudginly accept that, but I'll be carrying an 80 litre rucksack, sleeping bag with weapons rolled up, tent and carry mat. Way too much to have to cope with the hassle of a bus/coach with limited luggage space. And of course the alternatives include a minimum of 2 changes of train which rarely work out on a bank holiday ...

So, is there any one who is travelling back from the G on Monday afternoon who would be willing to give a lift to me and my crap to somewhere civilised that has a functional rail service, or Londonish?


Okay, now that I have your attention.

I'm off to the GBBF tonight (and Saturday) - see people there after 6pm ish near the the Cider bar as it's a relatively central location (and near Fuds).

ETA: Buggrit - they've changed the layout, but I'm still going to the Appley goodness stand - which is conviently next to the glasses stand on the way in!

Public Transport in Toronto

Has anyone recently travelled to Toronto and used their public transport system to get into Toronto from Pearson International airport? Or more usefully, how would you recommend getting from Pearson to the vicinity of Union Station?

Three colleagues are heading off to a conference in a day or so, and we have just just discovered that the international airport is in the middle of fecking nowhere ... Help / advice for them would be appreciated.

Sodding BBC

Continuity announcer just told us that the [SPOILER} are back!

Doctor Who Quote Memememe

When everything is new, can anything be a surprise?

When you see this, post a quote from Doctor Who on your LJ/Blog/Wotsit


The BBC has a DIY trailer maker - a bit silly but fun tinkering with.


Lift Request

IS there anyone heading to the Harts event on Friday, from whom I could blag a lift from somewhere such as Leicester or Coventry railway stations?

1 lrper + rucksack + weapons + tent

I would be very grateful and would willingly donate petrol costs

Lights! Camera! Inaction!

Once again the vans infest the parking bays opposite the office. Allegedly filming in (or around) the Masons' grand abomination on Great Queen Street.

Green Zone - sounds rubbish to me.

Arthur C. Clarke R.I.P.