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A job in London


Bioinformatics Officer
Ref: 8623

Application Deadline: 10-07-2009
Location: London, WC2A
Directorate: London Research Institute
Salary: £28,000 - £32,000 pa inc
Contract Type: Permanent Full-time


The Bioinformatics and BioStatistics Service are looking to recruit a Bioinformatics Officer to join their group.

Details of the role
The Bioinformatics and BioStatistics Service (BABS) as part of Cancer Research UK`s London Research Institute, provides support to institute scientists by analysing data generated from high-throughput technologies such as microarrays and next-generation sequencers. Additionally the group provides support in the areas of biostatistics, and genomics.

We are currently looking for a person to join this group as a Bioinformatics Officer.

The post is an infrastructure post and will provide support for the systems used by both BABS and scientists. This will include a working knowledge of linux sysadmin, apache, php, and other dHTML skills, mysql administration. There will also be the opportunity to be involved in data analysis projects. Experience with the next-gen sequencing software pipelines would be advantageous as would good knowledge of bioinfiormatics software and data resources such as the Genome Browsers.

You should possess: a degree in a subject area relevant to computing or bioinformatics; the ability to program and script; and be able to illustrate current relevant experience. Good communication skills are essential as the post will involve working closely with research scientists and other bioinformaticians.

Maelfroth II

So having listened to the suggestions of the great and good, I have made an executive decision, but need more help:

Poll #1410282 Serving Suggestions

So what goes into Pimms?


Any thing else?

Apologies to Lala - I mucked up the poll (either/or radio buttons instead of multi answer checkboxen)

Edit: To clarify this will not be neat Pimms ;-)

Now playing: The Mission - Father


Seeking a lift next w/e to Consecration (Trannies & Incantors). Have been lax sorting transport.

Can easily get to a mainline railway station "nearby" (eg Leicester, Birmingham etc.)

Will assist with petrol monies.

EDIT: Seige sorted.

EDIT: Decided it's best not to attend the Trincantulas' event with conjuctivitis.

Euston Pubbling

This is possible a tad late, but ...

Mr Kendall and I had arranged to meet at a Pub like location tomorrow (Wetnoodlesday) for the delivery of lamminated cards for an Event™ that he is attending soon. It was pointed out by the said Mr Kendall that a number of people are vaguely in the Euston area. Or have access to the Euston area.

So the Doric Head of Arch Steam from about 6:30 ish or earlier if I give up and run away from work ...

thewhitespider irdm ellefurtle caddyman and others welcome.

FAO: ginasketch

I don't knowe if you have access to PDFs from Nature but there's one that might be of interest to you:


"The origin and evolution of arthropods"


A New Reason for the Season

Eleanor Lillian - born on 25th December to Richard and Amelia!

Congratulations guys!

WC1/2 EC1/2 People?

Any one else out there just had a major power outage?

Ours went flicker flicker then went out completely - then the generators kicked in.

Hatfield Fudding

The Boss is going on some charity run thing at Hatfield House on Sunday this weekend and has asked if there any "good" places to eat in the vicinity.

So Hatfidelians past and present, where would you recommend?

Vintage Costume Sale

Angels are having a costume sale on 6th December at their "depot" in Wembley


Angels Big Vintage Sale
We have a huge amount of costume on offer

We are making room for the massive amount of costumes we recently added to our collection from BBC Resources Costumes and we will be offering you a unique opportunity to buy genuine retro clothing and accessories from the 1920's, 30's 40's, 50's, 60's 70's, 80's and 1990's contemporary clothing and period military uniforms.

You will be able to rummage amongst boxes of authentic items and a colossal pile of damaged jewellery, ideal for beading, repairing and salvaging! All items are ex-Angels and ex-BBC Resources Costumes hire stock and have been used in numerous Film and TV productions.

A huge selection of original period publications, ideal for fashion reference; bound copies of theatre and film magazines and many more publications besides.
3 Boundary Road, Wembley, HA9 7ND
click for map

6th December, 2008
9am to 5pm

Important Information

* Stock will not be replenished during the sale, so please come early to avoid disappointment
* No Phones will be allowed in the sale area
* No Bags will be allowed in the sale area, there is limited cloak room availability but people will be leaving their bags at their own risk so to avoid any issues please do not bring bags to the sale.
* There is no Wheelchair Access to the sale area
* Stock will be sold as seen. There will be no refunds or exchanges
* No Under 12's

Civic Duty - part 2

Day 3:

Settled into a marginally less painful routine as we have to be in for 10am not before 9am - and the combined bus trip is "only" 1.5 hours not the 2 hours of Monday.

Helpful Judge explaining why Stuff™ is being done, and makes sure we get breaks regularly.

Case is not dull, but one Barrister is. Tediously dull. And ... so ... very ... slooooooooooooooow at stringing sentences together.

No horrendous waits.